During the event, free transportation services will be provided for the delegates and invited guests, covering two-way airport transfers, transportation from the hotel to the event location, and transportation to various attractions.

For World Travel Awards attendees, special airport transit/security checkpoint services will be available at the airports of Batumi, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi. This will simplify the passport control process for participants of the global tourism event.

Airport transfers can be organized individually or as a group based on the number of travelers and arrival schedules.

The organization of airport transfers will be arranged based on your flight, whether you arrive in Batumi, Kutaisi, or Tbilisi.

To arrange transportation services, it's essential to complete the transportation form on the website, indicating your travel details. Along with sending your transportation request, our representative will contact you with relevant details.

Please make sure to submit your transportation request by September 20th.

How to Arrive

Arriving in Batumi is possible by air using the international airports of Batumi, Kutaisi, or Tbilisi.

Batumi International Airport is located close to the city center. At this stage, flights are operated from 12 countries to Batumi International Airport. Daily flights are operated from Istanbul to Batumi.

Kutaisi International Airport is located at a two-hour drive from Batumi (Kutaisi - Batumi: 2h 25min, 154.0 km). Flights to 25 different European destinations are operated from Kutaisi International Airport.

Tbilisi International Airport provides a convenient connection from anywhere in the world to Tbilisi. The distance from Tbilisi to Batumi is 367 kilometers. Transportation options from Tbilisi to Batumi include train, taxi, minibus or plane. There are two flights daily from Tbilisi to Batumi, both in the morning and in the evening, with a flight duration of 45 minutes.

Transportation will be arranged free of charge for delegates and invited guests from Tbilisi to Batumi within the event framework.

Additionally, it is also possible to arrive in Batumi from the cities of Turkey - Rize and Trabzon - by using their international airports (Rize - Batumi: 2h, 129 km, Trabzon - Batumi: 3h 19min, 208.0 km).

Please book your airport transfer by September 20.

Upon filling out the transfer details our representative will contact you for any additional information.